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Some institutions have underestimated the difficulty of obtaining or retaining funding sources during times of financial stress. 

Secured and unsecured lines of credit, advances, and repurchase agreements get reviewed and terms may be substantially changed (if not cancelled) in times when your institution needs it the most, making these arrangements  unreliable and  a waste of financial resources.

How Does it Work?

Benefits of Membership


  Every member pays the same fee.

Benefits of Membership:

For one very low yearly membership of $5,000, you will be able to obtain Irrevocable Letters of Credit in amounts of:

A  minimum of $5 million (.10% ) 10 bps p.a.  

$10 million (.05%) 5 bps p.a.

A maximum of $25 million (.02%) 2 bps p.a.

You choose the amount 

There are no other fees

We guarantee a minimum of $10 Million, (or any lower amount that you may choose) or the service is free until you reach that amount.

Savings Analysis


  If a bank replaces a short term securities portfolio the amount of $25 million with  a portfolio of Commitments , it can sell the securities and re-invest the proceeds in a different type of asset with an improvement in yield of 1-2% per annum (maybe higher if a loan).

  • This will represent $250-$500,000 annually of additional income .
  • If the bank takes $10 million , it could save between $100-$200,000 annually.
  • Even if you decide not to reduce the current size of your liquidity portfolio, you should consider adding additional resources at a very economic 

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